Mobile development

TMC leverages its long history of architecting and developing enterprise applications to create enterprise "connected" mobile solutions which exhibit the scalability, extensibility and reliability demanded by businesses today. 

Mobile Solutions Focus

Mobile Content-Driven Applications: Whether your business requires a mobile-optimized website based on the Adobe CQ5 platform or a native app available in the Apple Appstore or Android Marketplace, our expertise in content management, customer experience management, and mobile applications makes us your go-to development partner.

Workforce Automation Applications: Your enterprise users are asking for the ability to conduct business on the go. Why not give them the power to be more efficient and have the information they need always at hand? 

Implementation Strategy

Platform Independence: We leverage HTML5 and JavaScript mobile frameworks to allow interactive apps to run on a variety of platforms. Gone are the days of having to develop an application for each platform such as iOS, Android, etc. Write once, run everywhere.

Seamless Enterprise Integration: Remember what SOA (services oriented architecture) did for integrating your line of business apps? Continue to leverage your SOA, or have TMC build out the services which can be consumed by the mobile app.

Admin Portal: View real time data going to/from your mobile users - displayed spatially.

Google Maps Integration: We specialize in integrating mobile apps with Google maps, routing users in the field or supplying visualized data that is collected remotely. 

Cloud Compatible: Don't want to build out your data center to host the backend services, database and admin portal?  The TMC managed services platform can host your app and provide 24/7 support.

Mobile App Profiling: Integrate sophisticated analytics so you know which devices are running your app, as well as usage statistics, like global performance metrics.

Disconnected Mode: We build mobile apps that operate in connected and disconnected modes so your users don’t have to let connectivity issues get in their way.