Enterprise solutions

TMC's fundamental expertise is in the design, architecture, development and deployment of enterprise applications. We employ patterns that enforce consistency, predictability, and performance- lowering the overall costs of development and ownership.

No matter how small or large a project might be, we understand that proper architecture is the key to an application's success. 
We Love Layers

A layered application architecture is required in any application TMC develops for our clients. It does not take more time to initialize this architecture and it definitely makes post go-live support and maintenance much easier. 
architecture layers.

A properly architected application must exhibit the following attributes:

Extensibility: Extensibility is often overlooked during the development of web applications. Most developers create the application only considering the current day requirements. An extensible enterprise application is one that can adapt over time as technologies evolve and users demand more and more services. Using best practices during software development can enable extensibility.

Scalability: A scalable enterprise application is one that provides a consistent response time to users as the number of simultaneous users increase. Architecting a scalable enterprise application is not a trivial task.

Manageability: A manageable enterprise application is one that can be monitored and controlled by administrators without needing to shutdown the application or compromise its ability to serve users. Manageability starts with good audit logging and enabling runtime parameters to alter the behavior of the enterprise application without having to shut it down or restart it.

Reliability: A reliable enterprise application is available when your users need it. Architecting and developing the enterprise application using best practices will ensure the application is available to its users 24/7.

Architecture excellence + our proven project implementation methodology = Success