Cloud computing

Traditional infrastructure and application managed services consist of slow time-to-delivery and engineers with limited experience with your applications.

TMC brings a unique perspective to managed services. The TMC Managed Services Platform, referred to as TMSP, is a cloud-ready set of technologies and services providing dynamic and vendor-agnostic cloud hosting capabilities. Combine this with our team of acutely experienced operations engineers and you have the most comprehensive solution in the industry.

Want to host an ERP system concurrently on Rackspace and Amazon Web Services? Need your web content management system to scale to hundreds of thousand pageviews an hour? We can help.

TMC Managed Services Platform (TMSP) Features:

Cloud-vendor agnostic design

24x7x365 Georgian-Based, human reachable support

Contextual systems and application monitoring

Behavior-Driven-Design architecture

User-Experience monitoring

System and application load-testing

Reliable bulk email delivery for newsletters and marketing campaigns

Customer support helpdesk

TMC designed an incredibly robust solution for hosting. If your requirements are quick deployment time, reliable performance and experienced support then we have your solution. Learn more about our managed services.